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Space Organization: Serving Los Angeles & Surrounding Areas

     When I was a little girl, every season, my grandmother rearranged the furniture in her home. Each time she moved a piece of furniture, the space was completely transformed. Inspired by her, I started moving my own furniture in my bedroom.

  My grandfather on the other hand, was particular about the placement of everything. Pillows had to be perfectly fluffed, each accessory had a particular placement, and there was not one speck of dirt or dust visible to the human eye.

  It was my Grandparents who instilled in me at such a young age to be orderly and to care about the space in which I live in.




Let me help you shift the vibe of your space.

My Grandparents on their Wedding Day Circa 1953. 

Some Client Transformations 

What Clients Say...


Alhambra, CA

"I could not have done it without you! You made the process so much easier for me."

Glendale, CA

"Now I can use my hallway, I haven't been able to use it
in years!"

 Los Angeles, CA

"I'm not just happy, I am very very happy."

When your space is clear,
you just feel better!


Hello All, 

     My name is Lindsay, but my friends call me Lulu! Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, I have always had an eye for design. I am the only daughter of two very creative people who decorated their 1923 home in keeping with style of the era. As a child, I was introduced to Antiques, Art, Film, and Theater. 

     After graduating from Spelman College in 2011 with a degree in Fine Arts, I was led to work in film and television. For ten years, I worked as a Set Decoration Buyer where I fine tuned my eye for design, worked with all kinds of personalities, and developed the skillset to start my own business. I truly believe that When your space is clear, you just feel better!

     I look forward to helping you with your space, 



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